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operas in seville

OPERAS IN SEVILLE There are over 100 operas that are set in the city of Seville, Operas composed by Mozart, Rossini, Verdi and Beethoven. Maestranza theatre is where most of the operas are performed. One of the most famous operas including: Carmen, Don Giovanni, The Barber of Seville, The Marriage of Figaro and also Mañara

Bunk in 8 Bed Mixed Room

Are you looking for a economic place to be, then our 8 bed room will be your choice. We had two room of 8 bed, both are with bathroom in-suite and A/C and heater. check abvailability

Bunk in 6 Bed Mixed Room

If you like a room less crowded that the 8 bed room, then you could choose our 6 bed. Perfect for small group of friend that want to be all together. check abvailability

Bunk in 4 Bed Mixed Room

If you like be in hostel but don’t like a big number of partners in the room or you are a family that want a place to be, our 4 Bed Mixed Room are the perfect mach. We have 4 rooms of 4 bunks and all have the bathroom in-suite, A/C and Heater. check abvailability

Come and enjoy our good weather

Wellcome, Come and enjoy the good weather of our city staying with us. In Sevilla the winter is soft and you could enjoy our good weather all the year.

Itinerario definitivo de la Estación de Penitencia 2018. – Los Javieres

La Junta de Gobierno de la Hermandad Los Javieres, ha dejado fijado el siguiente itinerario para la Estación de Penitencia del próximo Martes Santo. Salida, Feria, San Juan de la Palma, Santa Ángela de la Cruz, Plaza de San Pedro, Sales y Ferré, Boteros, Odreros, Plaza de la Alfalfa, Alcaicería, Plaza de Jesús de la

What could you find arround us

The neighborhood of La Macarena, specifically the area of the Alameda de Hércules, is one of the most popular restaurant areas. There is only one area with more restaruants and it is the Arenal’s area. If you want to eat fusion food, or tapas or even a three-course dinner, around our establishment you will find

We are ready to open

I’m glad to anounce that after a long journey we are able to open.

Each day more close to the end.

Today painters have been working on the recovery of the courtyard of housing. They have begun painting the attic, the contrast of the white with the sky seems to be on the Mediterranean coast.

Nuestras Instalaciones

Durante el pasado año, hemos estado transformando nuestras instalaciones, de un viejo edificio a uno nuevo, totalmente reformado. Hemos rehabilitado una viejo edificio de principios del siglo XX a unas instalaciones con todos las infraestructuras de los lugares más modernos. Espero que el esfuerzo os agrade tanto como a mí.