Faq & Terms


Check-in and check-out times

Check-in starts at 13:00 and check-out ends at 11:00. We have a cloakroom for your luggage.


You will need a passport or a European ID in order to do check in and to access your room at night time. Reception is open 24/7. Moreover, the Hostel reserves the right to identify any person inside the building.

Age restriction

Under 18’s must be staying with an adult. In case the adult is not one of the parents, a paternal consent with a signed copy of the parent’s ID will be required. They shall always be staying in a private room. If this rule is not complied with, the Hostel has the obligation to refuse accommodation.

In case they come with a group, minors will stay in rooms specifically allocated for them, accompanied with their guardians/teachers and having shown the required paternal consent documentation.

Booking payment

All refundable bookings will be paid on the day of arrival.

All not refundable bookings will be paid when making the reservation.

Conduct in the Hostel

We request respect towards the other guests, the neighbours and the objects in the Hostel.
Failure to adhere to this requirement may result in guests being asked to leave the building.

No smoking

Smoking is not permitted inside the building or on balconies.

No drugs

If a guest uses drugs in any part of the building, (s)he will be asked to leave the premises.

Alcoholic beverages

No alcohol will be served to minors under 18.

Personal belongings

The Hostel is not responsible for the guests’ personal belongings.

Use of shared rooms

Every bed has its corresponding available locker to keep the luggage. The Hostel is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal item. We give you your own key to close your locker.

Please use your allocated bed and locker only.


Can I cancel or change my booking?

Yes, upto 48h checkin time, as long as you have chosen a refundable rate when you booked.

If your rate is not refundable, your booking cannot be cancelled or amended.

What are the cancellation and refund conditions?

Cancellation and refund policies depend on the rate you choose. Please view the conditions when selecting the rate in the booking process.

After the check-in cancel the booking or early checkout has an penalty of two nights.

Can I book if I don’t have a credit card?

You do need a credit card in order to make your reservation.

Can I pay for my bed or room in cash?

If your rate is refundable, you’ll pay when you arrive at the hostel.

If your rate is not refundable, the total amount of your stay will be charged when booking.

I haven’t received any booking confirmation.

Don’t worry: call us at the hostel directly so we confirm your booking.

How do I get to the hostel from the airport? And from the train station?

Have a look at the website of the hostel and check out our directions.

Do you accept long stays?

The maximum stay is 14 nights, subject to availability.

I’d like to book for a group.

You will be welcome. We accept groups from 12 people or more.

Please, call us or send us an email at contabilidad@hostela2c.com and check our conditions and especial prices.

If I’m coming with friends, will you put us in the same room?

As long as you have booked the same kind of bed, we’ll do our best to accommodate all of your requests.

Can guests under 18 years old stay in the hostel?

Yes, as long as they stay with an adult.

When can I access my room?

Any Time from 13:00.

What time should I leave the room?

Checkout is at 11:00. If you leave later without prior arrangement, we might charge you extra night. If you decide to extend your stay for one or more nights, please tell Reception before 11:00.

How much does it cost to leave the hostel after 11:00?

Late Checkout has a cost of 5€, this service is subject to availability and have to be booked before 11:00  of the day of the checkout.

Are there specific times at which I can get in and out of the Hostel during my stay?

No, our Reception is open 24 hours a day. You’ll just have to show your ID at the desk.

Do I have to leave the key in the reception every time I leave the Hostel?

Yes, we ask our guests to leave the keys in reception, but if you prefer to stay with them, you can do it leaving a deposit of € 5 that will be returned when you deliver the keys.

Is There a baggage room at the Hostel?

Yes it is. You could use it from the day of checkin until the day of checkout.

How long can I leave my luggage in the loker after I left the room?

After leave the room you should move your luggage from the room loker to the baggage room.

Do I need a padlock?

No, all our lockers has a clench.

Is there a hairdryer in the room?

No it isn’t, but you can borrow one from Reception leaving a €10 deposit

Do you accept pets?

Sorry, we don’t accept.

Can I have parcels delivered at the Hostel and pick them up the day I arrive?

Yes, as long as you inform us in advance by email. Otherwise, we might send the parcel back.

Is there bed linen?

Of course, we provide you with all the necessary bedding.

Are there towels in all rooms?

No it isn’t, you could rent it from reception for 2€ plus 3€ deposit.

Can I invite people over at the Hostel?

Everyone is welcome, but you may not go in your room with other people. In this case, feel free to use the common areas.

After 11pm all none guest should leave the premises.

Do you have laundry service?

No we don’t have laundry service, but you could clean your clothes on laundry by coins very close of our hostel at 129 of Feria Street. Less than 300 meters from our door.

Can I buy a travel adaptation?

Yes, we rent adaptors at Reception.

Do you hold events at the Hostels?

We are working to offer the best events for our guests any time soon.

Can I organise a party at your Hostel?

Yes, write directly to the Hostel (contabilidad@hostela2c.com)

Can I cook at your Hostel?

Yes, kitchen facilities are available 24/7

Do you serve lunch and dinner?

If you are a group, write directly to the Hostel and we can discuss this matter.

Can I buy food outside and eat it in your Hostel?

Yes, no problem. Eating in the rooms is not allowed.

Can I buy alcohol and drink it in your hostel?

Yes, but before 11 pm so we can all respect the rest of our guests.