19/09/20, 09:45

Trip to the arqueologica remains of Italica

The Roman city of Itálica, located in the Lower Guadalquivir, halfway between Seville (Hispalis) and Alcalá del Río (Ilipa), in present-day Santiponce, very close to the routes that connected with the mining area of the Sierra Norte from Seville and Huelva. It played an important strategic role, both politically-military, and economically, during the High Roman Empire. Proof of this is that it came to occupy an area of approximately 52 hectares.


19/09/20, 09:21

Películas rodadas en Sevilla

Listado de varias películas internacionales realizadas en Sevilla


26/12/19, 13:03

Carmona, a fascinating trip 30 minutes from Seville

A trip through Carmona and the legacy of the many cultures that have passed through it along its streets, flavours and wonderful experiences that will make you want to